The Problem

Really this web page is nothing more than an indulgence to help assuage my indignation and make me feel a little better.

No one likes to feel like the powerless little guy (ie., me) getting stiffed by the powerful big guy (ie., Sony).

And principles are at stake!

Basically, I bought a pair of primetime Sony earphones, with an RRP of £2,000 – the highly regarded IER-Z1R’s – off a guy in Singapore via a website called

This was the quickest (and, full disclosure, cheapest) way to get hold of a new pair at the time in this crazy Covid-19 world that we’re living in …..

They were delivered to me brand spanking new in a sealed box with a serial number 10121.

And pretty much from day one the cable broke on the left side in such a way that part of the cable became embedded in the headphone (see if you can spot the problem in the picture above).

I sent these back to Sony UK for a warranty repair but they were not interested as these £2k earphones had been purchased from a guy in Singapore.

Fortunately I managed to dig the offending part out of the left side with a tiny screwdriver and with some after market cables these are now working flawlessly.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that a company that goes to such an effort to promote how good their products are should get some come back if their products aren’t up to scratch AND they choose not to fix them under warranty using the excuse that they are under no obligation to do so because they were purchased on a “grey” market.

Well excuse me.

NEITHER am I under ANY OBLIGATION NOT to showcase my experience of


and call out a major manufacturer, SONY, for not standing by their PREMIUM product,



There you go.

I feel much better now.